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Local: Radio Active: Rabies Education Program on Community Radio

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Local: Radio Active: Rabies Education Program on Community Radio

Dr. Shampur Madhusudhana Trust,

Atria Towers Palace Road
Bengaluru 560001

26 September 2018 to 27
September 2018
Name : Girija Madhusudhana
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This program will be on a Community Radio to raise awareness and sensitize the masses about Rabies and its prevention. Education and community engagement are integral to Rabies Free India. Dr Shampur Madhusudhana Trust is investing a lion share of its efforts towards this project since inception.

Children are at high risk of dog bites and contracting rabies. Forty per cent of reported rabies cases worldwide are children under the age of fifteen. In our project areas, the paediatric proportion is often even higher. Rabies most often persists in poor communities and rural regions of India. If the risks are widely understood and appropriate dog bite treatment is well known – rabies is 100% preventable. The financial burden of human treatment is high, control via dog vaccination costs ten timeless and protects whole communities. Mass canine vaccination will rid an area of rabies, but this takes time during which communities remain at risk – whilst we work to eliminate the disease, education helps us save lives.

The educational sessions are aimed to empower children, their teachers and their families with the knowledge to protect themselves from bites, preventing rabies and save lives. We encourage members of the public to bring their dogs for vaccination and sterilisation and publicise our partner organisations for humane canine rabies control.

We are creating communities who know how to protect themselves from rabies and who act to support rabies control.

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